Transport and logistics: New solutions for the food industry

As a player in the food industry, do you consider the supply chain to be strategic?

Are you lookng for compliant and efficient logistics solutions while respecting your company’s environmental and social responsibilities? Complete visibility into your supply chain is absolutely essential. With our logistics expertise in the food industry, we have built dedicated logistics solutions.

Logistics solutions designed for the food industry

In a rapidly changing environment and a highly regulated industry, your agri-food supply chain becomes increasingly complex, influenced not only by promotional offers, seasonality and climate, but more importantly by changing customer demands. As part of your company’s environmental and social responsibility, we provide you with timely, competitive and regulatory-compliant logistics solutions.

Compliant and secure logistics solutions

You ensure product integrity and safety Thanks to our logistics solutions specially designed for the food industry, we guarantee perfect compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our team is regularly trained and our partners are rigorously selected and checked.

Quality and Environment Certificates (ISO: 9001 – ISO: 14001)
ONSSA certification from the National Food Safety Office.

Just-in-time logistics for your factories and warehouses

Rely on compliant upstream logistics and optimize your shipping performance

With its ability to comply with local and global regulations, our team provides you with dedicated or shared solutions to support your customers wherever they are.

Logistics of agricultural products or other raw materials on industrial food processing sites
Dedicated or pooled consolidation solutions: storage, “bonded storage”,
Freight Forwarding Solutions: Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight, Rail Freight
Optimization and management of customs and tax affairs
Delivery on all your distribution channels

Caution linear availability while optimizing stock levels

Our team researches and implements the best solution given time and delivery constraints

  • Multi-vendor integration and cross-site solutions
  • Prepare the order: packaging, labelling, kitting, co-packing
  • Consolidate orders by store to increase delivery frequency at the most competitive cost
  • Many complete distribution solutions: shopping centers, supermarkets, specialized stores
  • Delivery to e-commerce fulfillment centers
  • Green shipping and delivery solutions
  • Full traceability
  • Synchronize your flows with a tower


Total visibility of your flows and your logistics guaranteed

Your supply chain is increasingly complex, traceability requirements are increasing, and your flows are increasingly fragmented. You want to improve your linear availability at the best cost and consolidate your cash flow. To help you achieve these goals, we have control towers that manage your feeds, ensuring complete data visibility and reliability.