About us


MA LOGISTICS is a company specialized in integrated logistics and transport. Based in Berrechid, it benefits from a strategic location that allows it to be responsive to the requests and requirements of its customers. Thanks to its experience in this field, MA LOGISTICS can offer effective solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

Since its creation, MA LOGISTICS’ strategy has been based on three pillars: Creating a relationship of proximity and lasting trust with its customers, maintaining continuous progress in terms of resources and skills, anticipating and adapting to market developments.

It is important for a company to manage its supply chain well in order to optimize its costs and deadlines, while meeting the expectations of its customers. MA LOGISTICS offers quality services to help companies manage their logistics profitably and efficiently. By bringing together the necessary expertise, we are able to support companies in the management of their global supply chain, whatever their sector of activity. We aim to help companies meet the needs of their most demanding customers.


Be the partner of choice for our customers

Our inspiration comes from a vision in which we achieve sustainable growth by investing in a process of continuous improvement and by positioning ourselves as a reference partner.

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What we say, we do!

Our mission is based on the satisfaction of our customers. We support our customers at every stage of their logistics processes by providing modular, high-performance and value-enhancing solutions. Solutions that contribute concretely to the profitable management of their logistics flows and that allow them to meet the specific needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Certified -
IQNET management system

Certified -
AENOR ISO 9001: 2015

Certified member -
alfa logistics family network

Certified -
National Food Safety Office


Become a diversified and innovative leader with sustainable growth

Our goal is to meet the growing needs of the most demanding customers as well as the needs of the global market in logistics and transport; we will achieve this by strengthening our investments in resources and skills to strengthen the present, prepare for tomorrow and preserve the future.


Do better, faster, cheaper, and closer

Our strategy, based on our vision, opts for a progressive approach. It sets itself the objective of creating a relationship of proximity and lasting trust with our customers, modernizing our working methods, maintaining continuous progress in terms of resources and skills, reducing costs and deadlines, measuring performance, anticipating and adapt to market changes.

This approach encompasses all aspects of a sustainable and sustainable activity. It consists of “doing better, faster, cheaper and closer” in order to obtain competitive advantages for both ourselves and our customers and achieve economic, social and environmental harmony.


Meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Keen to incorporate quality values at the center of its strategy, MA LOGISTICS is committed to guaranteeing its customers full satisfaction. To ensure the success of the quality approach, we reiterate our desire to pursue our efforts in continuous improvement. To improve its overall performance (economic, social and environmental), MA LOGISTICS is committed to a CSR approach which makes it possible to meet the expectations of stakeholders, first and foremost, customers, who are increasingly sensitive to the social responsibility of their providers.